The Lucky Ones

I did everything I’d advise not to do for a mico-budget feature: for starters don’t have a cast of 70 and 120 extras, 38 locations, the use of a firearm requiring police presence and a 29 day shooting schedule. Conceived from ideas I had been cogitating for over a decade, I outlined and wrote the script in three weeks and immediately began the production. Consequently, the abundant rewriting that normally takes place during the writing phase occurred during the directing and editing phases. As reckless and debilitating as this proved, if I had waited and honed the script to where I wish it was before I began — I never-ever would have been able to conjure the insane, reckless energy that was required to will this feature film into existence.

Loren-Paul Caplin’s ironically titled “The Lucky Ones” is a real discovery, an ambitious work of much texture, density and scope in which a young reporter (Ivan Martin) is caught up in a sleazy dolce vita as a reporter for FAME-TV, a cheesy cable channel, for which he endlessly pursues celebrities, mainly C-level. Yet Martin’s Lorenzo has higher aspirations, and the film propels him to a stunningly orchestrated moment of truth. -Kevin Thomas, LA TIMES.

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