Loren-Paul Caplin

Whether it’s Once upon a time…, In the beginning was the word…, or Buckle-up your seat belts… — between the beginning and the ending of the experience is Storytime.

Storytime is when you get that feeling of enchantment once you’ve embarked on a story-journey. It’s a special time-space zone. It can happen while watching a film or reading a story or a poem or listening to a song — if it lifts you away and you’re lost in it, you’re in Storytime. And if you’re really lucky it can give you the feeling that anything is possible and that your perception has gotten a little bit bigger and you might even feel less alone.

My life has been devoted to creating (and teaching others how to create) narratives and articulating the ineffable that, hopefully, cause a Storytime experience in others.

I am a writer, director and teacher — of screenplays, plays, poems, songs and prose. I’ve written scripts for Hollywood studios and Independent producers. Films that I’ve directed and written have debuted at the top film festivals in the country. My plays have been produced at esteemed theaters and one has toured and played on PBS for a season. My songs have been performed by others and used in films, and my poems have been widely published, including The Paris Review and Rolling Stone. I’m also an ADJUNCT PROFESSOR of Screenwriting and Script Analysis in the past and currently*, including at: Columbia University*, NYU/Tisch, The New School*, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema*, and Hofstra University*.

This is what I do. I live in New York.